Ben Lewis Giles

Ben Giles is a British artist, working primarily in collage. His works have been included in several international publications including The New York Times Magazine and The Wall Street Journal, as well as receiving commissions from the likes of Apple Music, Google and Vice.

Giles’s works explore the notion of playing with our expected reality. At first glance several of the images are not explicitly manipulated; however on further exploration one notices unexpected features of the artworks. In a time where it is only too easy to manipulate imagery using computer software, the handmade quality of Giles’s collages aid the user in appreciating the hand of the artist in influencing and affecting the viewer. 



Perhaps best known for his large scale floral collages, Giles has gained global recognition for his attention to detail, intricate craftsmanship and overall creativity. Part of Giles’s floral collage was featured on the Times Square’s Mega Screen.

26th October
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