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Jack Laurilla – .doc

Jack Laurilla graduated from Kingston University London in 2015 with a degree in fine art. Throughout his time of study Laurilla’s work spread across many mediums, including screen printing & digital graphics however in our opinion the most engaging, and arguably challenging series to produce was the ongoing ‘.doc’ series.
The series is produced on Microsoft Word, through a highlighting process. In discussion with the artist, he describes how in his work, ‘representation and realism is abandoned in favour of a newly created vocabulary of colour.’
As an easily consumable piece of work it is no surprise that works in the ‘.doc’ series have circulated internationally as well as being included on Tumblr’s international radar.
Pen etc has long been both a fan, and a friend of Jack Laurilla and we are very pleased to be publishing an edition of ten prints of our favourite image from the ‘.doc’ series. The works have been produced by London’s EC One Lab
through a premium C-Type printing process. The physical editions of the work add a haptic quality which is often missing in digital art.

Purchasing enquiries: kerr@penetc.co.uk

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