L.A.C.A. [London Asian Contemporary Art] London, Summer 2020

Participation in debut L.A.C.A. art event, curated by Virginia Sykes-Wright. Showcasing original works by artists: Kaai Kim, and Mou Ruoru

Pen etc are delighted to be participating in the debut L.A.C.A. art event, held London. The event’s key aim is to promote the work of emerging and established Asian contemporary art in a global setting. Launching online in Summer 2020 with a range of digital and virtual exhibitions, the event will also host pop up exhibitions in key international locations.

Having worked heavily in the field of Asian art, Pen etc are delighted to be exhibiting the work of two of our dear friends, Mou Ruoru and Kaai Kim. Please visit lacaart.com to view the works, as well as experience the digital/virtual gallery

Screenshots courtesy of L.A.C.A. London Asian Contemporary Art.

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