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Pen etc and Make-Ready are pleased to release an edition of prints photographed by British Artist, Harry Fletcher.

Produced by Make Ready Founder, Thomas Murphy, the edition was produced using a 4 colour process (CMYK)

Through intentionally using a low LPI (25LPI) the viewer is able to appreciate the handmade quality of the work – each rosette of colour combines to create a posterised version of the original digital image.

The photograph seen in the edition was shot by artist Harry Fletcher during his travels across North America, the image itself was used by the artist as a ‘study’ in his artistic process; it was not released as a final work. However, the stark contrast of the industrial traffic cones presented onto a bleak Michigan landscape proved to be a strong image in the artists growing catalogue of work. The image is part of a larger selection of studies from the artist which explore a selection of materials and objects out of context.

The work is strictly limited to an edition of 10, available exclusively through Pen etc.

Price: £160 (£100 unframed)

Purchasing enquiries: kerr@penetc.co.uk


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