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Hiroaki Onuma is one of those artists whose use of pop culture references may go over the head of some – for example your grandparents may not recognise “Blue Eyes White Dragon,” however his exceptional skills when it comes to utilising a variety of mediums is second to none. Skillfully layered oil paintings, and precision use of air brushes create the unique characteristics in Onuma’s paintings – a factor that is gaining recognition within artistic communities. The large scale works have a heavy impact on the viewer, not only through the sheer scale, but the subject matter of a Japanese mythical beast staring down on you has an impressive affect.

I first met Hiro in London, in early 2016 through mutual friends, however, it wasn’t until his solo show at Paris’ Sobering Galerie in 2020 that I really experienced and appreciated his works fully. Following the purchase of his painting, Ancient World, (the first of hopefully many), we built a relationship with the artist and are now delighted to present a range of works online – and soon in the physical realm.

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